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10 Hour Bundle (Get your license + MVD Road Test Waiver)

NORMALLY $599 SAVE 20%!! Included with this bundle is: 10 Hours of behind-the-wheel instruction by MVD Certified Trainer, Final Evaluation, and MVD Road Test Waiver. Once the 10 hours of driving instruction is complete, you will be given the road test by one of our certified trainers. Upon successful completion of the test the student will then be presented with a certificate to take to the MVD and serve as a Road Test Waiver.



ON SALE - NORMALLY $699. This is our July course which will meet on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays starting July 7th from 8am-10:00am. This complete drivers education course will prep your new driver for the old ahead and is geared for those who do not yet have their permit. - 30 hours of classroom instruction - MVD Permit Test Waiver - 10 Hours of Behind the Wheel Instruction - Road Test - MVD Road Test Waiver Participants must be 15 years old by the start date of this class.


Have any questions? Call Us Today! (623) 777-9122
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